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We Empower Agents to Impact Communities
On a Mission To Empower 10,000 CEA Registered Agents Double Their Commission and Impact by 2022. Psalms 23 | Latter Rain
  •  Identify Your Potential in Your Business
  •  Show You Proven Systems for Success
  •  Help You To Win New Leads & Listings
  •  Train You To Mastering Your Time
  •  Reshape Your Business Plan
  •  Automate Your Lead Generation & Follow Up
  • Create Your Own High Value Referral Community
  •  Grow Your Team & Passive Income
  •  Double Your Commission (At least)
  •  Regain Your Family Time
     Double Your Impact

Empowering Agents Since 2017 #SGAgentsOfImpact 
Automate your social advertising strategy
Amplify - automatically generate beautiful ads for social platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. You can customize each ad, monitor its performance, and get leads from a targeted audience.

We provide professional listing photography as well.
Lead Generation Funnels
No more relying on Property portals for leads. TREC sites generate leads and automates sign-ins and follow-up emails at each new launch & viewing. Now, you can keep track of leads and gain keen insights from their engagement activity. The best part—TREC integrates with industry-leading CRMs and marketing solutions, so you can keep track of your leads in one place.
Want Us To Speak?
We run marketing campaigns for developers, districts and teams but we do enjoy giving back. You bring the agents, we bring the expertise.
A Few of Our Relationships
Ex-President Tony Tan
Late-President Nathan
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong
Garden Reception w President Halimah
Meet The Founder
Our founders met in 2016 at a Connect Conference in San Francisco. Caleb was widely regarded as one of the most influential digital marketing coach. His team has ran successful campaigns for some of the largest brands in the world and has extensive experience in online marketing and lead generation. His clientele include well established brands like Samsung, Marina Bay Sands, Tommy Hilfiger, Mercedes, PropNex, Orange Tee, ERA, Knight Frank and many more. 

Fast forward to 2019 and the market was changing. Google was common, Facebook and Instagram were on the rise. Attribution became even more complex, and scaling required extensive testing throughout the funnel. One or two channels was no longer going to cut it. 

TREC was founded to meet this need of struggling agents all the way to platinum achievers to achieve more in less time. We help agents grow, scale,  make a lot more in less time with advanced cross-channel advertising while leaving a lasting impact on the community and nations
Caleb Leng
Chief Growth Officer & Funnel Architect
A believer and visionary, 

Caleb believes that real estate agents can have real positive impact on the community locally and in developing countries while growing their businesses.

Ask him what's on the horizon and you'll be in the middle of a TED Talks event. He leads our agent learning academy and runs the free online lead generation newsletter for about 14,863 agents. 

When not obsessing over the latest lead generation trend, he’s mountain biking, traveling for humanitarian work and busy being a guardian to a 4-years old Korean boy.

A moose loving, beach going, camera toting, coffee drinking, joke telling, friend inviting, BBQ planning, late sleeping, big visioning, wanderlusting, flipflop wearing, shoes collecting, outdoor adventuring, family loving, spider hating, noodle devouring, tech geeking, art appreciating, laugh 'til you cry, kind of guy who secretly wishes for a pet polar bear as a surprise birthday present and doing skydiving in the Cleopatra post
Our TREC Team. Digital Marketing Coaches
One of these isn't true
  • 50% Athletic
  •  50% Musicians who play more than 2 instruments
  •  Coffee Addicts
  •  Passionate Lifelong Learners
  • All Have Tried Skydiving
  •  Each One Runs Their Own Online Business.
  •  50% Secretly Wish To Be Full Time Soccer Players
Team & Advisors
Goh Aiyat
Lecturer, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) | Principal Course Leader for The Back of The Napkin & Show & Tell (Asia)
Dr Christopher M. Joll
Professor, Institute of Asian Studies, Chulalongkorn University
– Ph.D. Institute of the Malay World & Civilization (ATMA), National University of Malaysia (UKM), Malaysia
– Trinity Collage London Certificate in teaching English as a Second language, EDENZ Language School, New Zealand
– Bachelor of Divinity, Laidlaw Collage, Auckland, New Zealand
– Bachelor of Horticulture, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand
Promise Sing Yong Ling
Head, Design & Social Media
Matt & Laura Kinsted
Chief Strategist
Rachel Tng
Regional Digital Marketing Specialist & Content Marketing (Lighthouse Media)
Dominic Cheo Wei Sheng
Funnel Coach & Interior Photographer
Together, We Are Agents Of IMPACT
We believe every agent is a catalyst of impact. TREC helps agents accelerate business growth & provide tangible humanitarians efforts in helping children, families and their communities overcome poverty and injustice
Source: Dr Chris M. Joll
Love Comes First
Motivated by our faith in Jesus Christ, we serve all people. No matter their religion, ethnicity, or gender.
Source: Dr Chris M. Joll
Keeping our costs down means our tithe makes the biggest waves possible
Source: Caleb Leng
Real Estate Real Impact
Going after poverty’s symptoms is temporary. Going after its causes is permanent.
Who is TREC For?
We are the trusted partner for real estate & finance professionals and teams of all sizes who desire to
 double their business (at least) while leaving a lasting real life impact
“In a time when technology is radically changing how we communicate, we help agents stand out in the crowd with lasting impact”
“The most immediate benefit after digitizing new launches and open houses for our team was the ability to remarket to people through email more effectively.”
''Clients buy from you because of what you have but they stay with you because of who you are''
Real relationships = Better business
Lawrence See Division from Huttons
Humans aren’t leads or numbers. They’re people who want to have a relationship with your company. We create, nurture and strengthen the bond you have with your clients so that your business thrives.

No relationship is too small.

Do you remember why you wanted to get into the real estate business, to begin with?

Or why the property journey had such an appeal for you?

Was it…

The idea that you get to set your own schedule?
To triple your personal salary?
To have the freedom to roam the world as you please?
To NEVER have to stress out about cash all the time?
To support the ones you love?
To get to do what you want?

Am I far off?  

Except, a couple years in you start to realize you’re working incredibly long hours, you’re even more worried about cash flow than before, and you’re locked into laptop and emails (what holidays?)!

Instead of creating a business that serves your lifestyle - you end up becoming a slave to it.
Mostly because it hasn’t been appropriately structured, you lack the right processes, and quite frankly - you’re winging most of what you do, learning as you go.

No shame in that - it’s actually why 87% of agents fail with the first 5 years. There’s this unspoken glory about “figuring it out” alone within the real estate world - as if doing so suddenly makes you a Phoenix rising!

And - a lot of us - still need to go through the experience of going it alone before we hit the wall that forces us to reevaluate what we’ve built.

But what if you could bypass the time to having that perfect business?

The one that allows you to travel, to connect with high-level people, to change your financial situation, to impact people, and to feed you spiritually and emotionally? 

One where you’re ONLY doing the stuff that is within your zone of genius - i.e., the things you actually like doing and get in flow with.
You may be trapped in your business if:
You're constantly undercutting yourself at every turn - afraid to charge what you KNOW you need to, because you're afraid of losing the sale.

Hiring seems impossible because there's never any money left over at the end of the month (or maybe you're even having to borrow money!)

You work 12+ hours a day in the “weeds” of your business, doing all the implementation work yourself because either you can’t afford to hire or you don’t trust your team. 

You resent your business.
The truth is, you already know what being stuck in your business feels like...

Stressed, burnt out, exhausted, defeated...

BUT you can have that business you dreamed about in the first place. It’s all yours.

One that serves you financially without taking over your life!

That’s the vision.

It’s the same one we built for ourselves, and have since helped over 400 agents build as well.

And it all starts with the right structure - the bones.
Unlock more time and revenue by plugging into the support, processes and systems of the ONLY real estate marketing specialised agency!
What if instead of having a real estate business that makes you feel stuck & overwhelmed, you could run a business that...
  • ​Allows you the time to spend working ON your business, rather than IN your business
  •  Let's you focus on your areas of core competence - the things you actually enjoy, like connecting with decision makers and selling properties.
  •   Consistently hitting your revenue targets
  •  Delivers ACTUAL, tangible results in the shortest time for your property clients
  •  Allows you more freedom so you can spend time with friends & family
  • ​Brings in quality, high-paying leads that stick around - no more poor-paying clients!
  •  Become The Go-To Person For All Things Property
  • Grow and Train Your Team
  •  No More Wasting Time & Precious Advertising Dollars On Marketing That Don't Work
  •  Has all the necessary systems & process in place so things can run smoothly & effectively
5 Ways We Can Partner You
#1- ACCELERATE - We Train Your Team
Invite Us To Train Your Team In Bulletproof Growth Strategies & Leave an Impact 
Never again will you feel like you are alone - trying to figure all of this out on your own. 
Experience a deeper meaning while growing your business.
Lead Generation Workshop With Team PropNex 
Together We Will...
  • Identify Your Potential in Your Business
  •  Show You Proven Systems for Success
  •  Help You To Win New Leads & Listings
  •  Train You To Mastering Your Time
  •  Reshape Your Business Plan
  •  Actualise The Impact You'd Want To Create

Are you Ready for the One Call that will Change Your Business & Life?
Are you Ready for the One Call that will Change Your Business & Life?
We Help You Stand Out
Create Unique Videos & Professional Photography
Did you know that homes that use a professional visuals for their listing on average sell $11,000 over market value and sell 50% faster than homes with standard photos

Studies have shown that 98% of homebuyers judge whether or not to walk through a property by first seeing the listing photos online. Our photo & video rates start from just $680
Stand out in a crowd
We Manage Your Advertising Campaigns For You from just $297
We Optimize Your Advertising Strategy
Amplify helps automate your digital advertising strategy, so you can enjoy more face time with clients. With Amplify, we guide you to customize each ad, track engagement and reach, build your personal brand, and so much more.
Automated AD Campaigns
Amplify creates digital ad campaigns across various channels for each of your listings. You’ll be able to tweak and edit each of your campaigns to your liking, track performance, and reach your target audience.
Branded Lead Pages
Along with ads, each of your listings will have a beautifully branded lead page, specially designed to generate leads while optimised for social and mobile environments.
Reach your dream clients
We help you reach your desired audience for each of your listings—our algorithms detect important features from each of your properties and uses them to target quality leads for you.
#4 - TREC Lead Sites 
Conversion Optimised Websites Built To Converts Clicks into ACTUAL Customers and Help Nurture YOUR Leads For 52 Weeks. For Referrals!
More Leads, More Engagements, More Referrals
Built to help agents and small teams
get leads, increase engagement and grow referrals.

TREC automates sign-ins and follow-up emails at each new launch & viewings. Now, you can keep track of leads and gain keen insights from their engagement activity. The best part—TREC integrates with industry-leading CRMs and marketing solutions, so you can keep track of your leads in one place.
Are you Ready for the One Call that will Change Your Business & Life?
#5 -  Free Coaching & Resources
(Watch The Full Marketing Training Here)
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Are you Ready for the One Meeting that will Change Your Business & Life?
Our growth has double nearly every month. We must be doing something right. 
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